##How To Be a Service Provider On Our Platform

Interested in listing your service on our service platform? We are always interested in having quality and experienced service providers work with us on delivering quality value to our clients.


Apply below and give as much information as you can about you, your business, and the service(s) you can provide that are relevant for our marketplace.


This is an English language platform. While we know many freelancers and service providers do not speak English as their first language, in order to make this a quality service you need to have English speaking client services in your team.

Paypal or USA bank account – our technology for payments pays out to a Paypal account or a bank account in the United States. While we have many service providers around the world – we normally pay out by Paypal. Other payment methods are in the pipeline, but for now you must have one of those 2 options.

##Accept Our Invitation
Once we approve your application, we will send you an invite link to become a service provider.

You will from this dashboard be able to see:

* Orders – what service(s) clients have purchased from you
* Payments – pending payments to you. To make the community safe and trustworthy for all parties, we receive the payment (via credit card) and ensure that both parties are happy with the work. It is part of the marketplace that makes the clients more likely to purchase.
* Messages – We have a built in messaging system so that you can easily follow along on the case. This is one of the strong points – as often clients and service providers are on different timezones and have issues communicating. We can help followup the case if there is a communication issue on either side.
* Ratings and Reviews – you will be able to see what ratings previous clients have given you. This is monitored closely, and we want to make this win-win – good ratings help all of us.

##Questions? Ask Your Account Representative

We are excited you are interested in applying for our marketplace. We will work with you to make this a long term alliance, and once you are accepted into the program you will be able to speak to an account representative. We will also help promote you on our blogs, podcasts, and other social media outlets.