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This book is a work in progress. I’m giving away this early version and hope you can give some feedback in exchange.

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thanks Olivier Wagner for the inspiration to get this published – I sent it to him on Oct 26, 2016, then on Feb 23, 2018 he came back to me – and in my replies I didn’t even consider what I made as good enough to send anyone! I had randomly sent it to him in a discussion.

Feedback from Olivier:
Hi Mike,
I’m part of a man’s group and this week’s theme is morning routine. I’m wondering if your book is published in some form that I coudl share with the group, or else if you would like to get involved…
Let me know… I think that you’re freaken amazing but I can’t share your unpublished book (obviously)

Thank you, I would love to help you spread your morning routine wisdom and I will actively tune in when that happens.

All the very best to you !!!

It’s an amazing book. And you have an amazing practice, no understatement.
A downside was that at some point you start speaking about Morning Miracle and well, I kind of switched to Morning Miracle. I also didn’t always have the diligence that I should.

I like how you spoke about your personal experience
It’s based on it and yet more practical
What do you think about me posting the pdf, do you want something in exchange? A survey?

Feedback Olivier has collected:

Hi Michael, so there’s a man in the group who posted the following (and had a preference for me being the middle man):
“Those are some powerful tools and ideas. And I am sure they will change people’s life.

And I am sure for some peons the tipps he his giving are bad, because they don’t fit there situation.

I would add a chapter about mindfulness. At the end I think it is not about becoming the author if the book, but to learn about ourselves and find out way and what works best for us.”

Download Regarding Work book Now