Looking for a fun gift for your coworkers at the office party?

Or maybe you really just want to document the stupid things your boss and co-workers say?

fun gift for your coworkers- coworker gift notebook

Document them in a classic journal log to refer to again and again! Read how you can save your office…

That is why we created this Funny Boss and Coworker Office Gift Notebook: People Never Had So Much Humor Writing What Their Boss Says blank notebook

This modern and useful 6 x 9 inch (15.24 x 22.86 cm) blank college-ruled journal tracker notebook has been specially hand-designed for every kind of team member, from full time colleague to summer intern. Each page is a chance to really stand out, remember those million dollar ideas and locations, and grow yourself personally when you make progress in your            career.

The perfect companion for you when just want to tell someone off but can’t!

How does this office satire notebook work?

You can preview the layout in the “look inside” button at the top – but it is pretty practical and what frustrated employees have been using for years to crank out amazing content for their jokes and future biographies!

  • When someone in the office says something really stupid, document it in this staff journal
  • Keep points of who in the office says the stupidest things ever
  • On top of stupidest, why not also document who says something idiotic the most often (where quantity of idiocracy is worth a medal)
  • Maybe after only a few months you can become a part time stand up comic simply reading the notes you took in this staff log.


How does that sound? Using a office satire journal is a great way to ensure that each day you are writing, finding out when is the best time to perk up your ears and listen to what the neighbors in the cubicle next door have to say, and have a bit of fun too! See how many ideas you can crank out in one sitting and enjoy the results of more creative output.

Who Is This Stuff I Want To Say At The Office But Can’t Journal For?


Great gift for a company secretary (who hears their idiot boss go off all the time)

The IT department hears probably the most idiodic things and will fill this baby up!

Get a whole set for the cubicles on your floor or even entire office building!

Janitors may even enjoy this as they are hearing all sorts of things in the offices they clean


Let’s get to the summary and facts:

6” x 9” Paperback notebook

120 pages of high quality white paper (60 sheets)

Quality, Soft matte coated cover

Perfect for writing using pens, pencils, gel pens, ball points.

Used as a journal, notebook or just a composition book

Great size to carry everywhere in your work or school bag, get to high school, college, office, or just to brainstorm

Makes a great present: Christmas gift, stocking stuff, birthday, office secret santa, employee of the week, month, year gift etc


So what are you waiting for?

Grab this practical and useful office joking notebook today and start generating ideas more jokes in a systematized way. enjoy the company party!