Why You Need To Keep Proper File of Your Employees

Take Proper Action To Keep File Of Your Employees

Why should someone in your company keep a database of your staff?

The question is – why wouldn’t you!?

In today’s online era, we have an amazing opportunity. To hire from a global talent pool and find top performers for our company.

But with great power comes great responsibility!

You need to keep proper data on each of your employees – from part time contractors to full time staff even to project based consultants.

So back to the why:

Has this ever happened to you?

You worked on a project with an employee, and then years later life happens and this staff moves along to another company. But there is a question about a policy or a decision that was made. Who was it on the company that worked on it at that time? Maybe we can even ask them.

Many of us would need to dig through our email box to find those records and attachments. Or maybe we have a Google drive folder or a Dropbox sync somewhere. Yet things get out of control and often the HR policies get lost in the crossfire of business.

Yet not keeping proper records of who worked on the company, in which department and role and when can come around to bite you later. Stakeholders in your company from investors to co-founders to managers – even clients – expect you to be responsible and have a clear and complete filing system for each and every team member in your company.

For each human being (or Human “resource” = HR) you need to have documentation. Contact information. Payment information. Birthday (also for company celebrations). All this info you need to keep on file. Also the contracts you signed and the terms of the job – how much is being paid, and what is the rate. How does termination policy work?

Scary – we know.

You can keep this in your company dropbox – which is what we did for many years. Or you can use a dedicated HR management system. Today, we would bring to you our solution – Regarding Work.

Because – for these exact reasons in our company – we wanted an online system to store it all, and keep the staff and management on the same page.

So it is why we brought you the Regarding Work HR management system. No software to download, no servers to maintain – this online solution is your perfect tool to help you manage HR policies and requirements.

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