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How Employees Can Refer Their Friends To Work In The Company

This is the ultimate goal of a company – to make working there so awesome that the current team recommends their friends to join.

Because, working in your company is so awesome and fun that they want everyone to join in.

That is the goal. And it takes a good HR practice as well as company culture to make it happen.

So let’s assume you have done that (I hope!) and you have some new job openings. Instead of simply posting them on a job board somewhere – why not first give it a chance for your current employees to recommend someone in their network to apply?

Or post in the public forum as well as in your company’s own HR system?

Don’t have an HR system that does that? Well – you are in luck – Regarding Work’s HR system offers that and we have an amazing opportunity for you to do that.

So let’s go through exactly how current staff can refer their friends and network to work at your amazing company!

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Why Hire From Referrals?

You trust your current employees, right?

Well, we hope so!

You have been building up a working relationship over the years, and they have access to your various systems and tools – so hopefully you trust them!

Therefore, wouldn’t it be nice if they had someone they know and trust to refer to also join your team?

That would make things much less worrisome when adding a new employee to your company.

Plus, if something doesn’t work out, you can always blame them haha! (Joke, well kind of.)

But truly – hiring from referrals is much more stable and safe way to build long term staff and a team for the long haul. Hiring someone totally new to the team will have a higher chance of turnover, simply because we cannot predict how they will work in the company – from their side and ours.

Some Dangers Of Hiring From Current Staff Recommendations

It wouldn’t be fair for me to say there aren’t any risks in hiring from referral. So here are a couple:

If one quits, it may bring the others with them. If there is some shakeup in the company, or one of the staff decides to move on – they could potentially try to take others with them. If they are all really well connected it is a higher chance of many leaving with them.

Could be a family network. Sometimes you may hire husbands, brothers, sisters, etc. I have done this too. But too much and it runs a risk if there is a cutback or an HR issue where one needs to go. Maybe one or two relatives per company, but hiring an entire family is risky for both sides! Diversification is key – for all parties.

Now that we have talked about the pros and cons, let’s dive into the how!

HR Admins Login and Post The Job (Or Link to the Job Details)

It all starts with a job opportunity.

Now, we know the drill, it is annoying to have to repost the same job details all over the place. So if you don’t want to re-type or even copy/paste – you can simply link to the job post you have posted on the public forum.

Logging in to your Regarding Work HR management system, as an admin, you will see RECRUITMENT —> JOB OPENINGS.

From there, you can see the current jobs that are open and inactive.

Click the create job posting and you will enter the job details page.

Title: Clear enough. I don’t think in this system you need to optimize it for keywords – simply write the job title
Description: Again as we said earlier, you don’t need to re-post all the text if you don’t want – you can link to the job board system you are using. But of course, you can put the full text here. Format it as you see fit.

Post date – This is when the job is posted in the system.

Last Day to apply – this is the deadline for staff to apply.

Close date – this is when the job post will close

Status – active or inactive. Of course if we are just posting this, we want it to be active.

Note – Staff Can Apply To Change Their Current Job Position

Now here is another way to use this HR system – current staff can even apply to change their current job. Maybe they want to try a new type of work, or try to challenge themselves and move to a management role.

They can apply themselves to move to this new position. This also allows your team to keep their satisfaction levels at a high, as they will see these new opportunities first instead of hearing about new employees joining before they even knew there was a job opening available.

Again – the key in HR is transparency. The current staff should know about job openings in the company, in our opinion.

How Staff Can Apply For Their Friends

Now, the employee can simply login to their hr.regardingwork.com account and view the job openings. Once logged in, there is a menu item called JOB VACANCIES that will then list the current openings (in square format.

The staff can see these openings and click to view the full details of ones they are interested in, or ones they their friends in their network would be interested in.

How to apply?
Once in the job opening details page, the staff can simply click apply now and this application form will show:

Name – the person’s name applying (can be the staff’s name or their referral’s name)
Email – the email for the person applying
Contact Phone number – the phone number
Cover letter – any open ended text that this employee would like to put with the application.This is a good place for the employee to recommend and explain why they think the person they are hiring is a good fit.
Resume / CV – upload a file to show the person’s credentials. The resume must be a file of type: pdf, doc, docx.

And that is it! Click submit and it will go to the HR admin management.

How HR Admins Can View & Approve (or Reject) Job Applications

Now, once the employee has filled out a job vacancy application – an email alert is sent to HR administration.

Logging in to the HR system at Regarding Work – go to RECRUITMENT —> JOB APPLICATIONS.

Here you will see all job applications in all statuses, pending, rejected, and approved.

You will see that I have approved one already – personally think referrals are so much better than cold job boards of strangers. You can see who in your team has referred this person – and I recommend you to reach out to them to get more input and details.

Basically, treat this as a “warm lead” for your current job opening. You can add to any type of system you use or just use these referrals as another lead source for your job hunt.

Build Your Team From The Inside Out

So many of us don’t think to ask our current staff for recommendations when making a new hire – but that is such a missed opportunity! Tap into your pool of happy employees to grow your rockstar team!

Reduce turnover, and improve quality of staff with a quality HR system and process. Again, here at Regarding Work we are all about building a process that encourages happy employees to differentiate and stay ahead of the competition.

If you don’t already have a Regarding Work HR system for your company – what are you waiting for? Get started for free today at www.Regardingwork.com or signup with the button below

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