How Does Regarding Work HR Management Work?


How Does The Regarding Work HR Management System Work?

The Regarding Work Human Resources (HR) management system helps the company admin as well as each and every staff member in your company keep the documentation and workflow they need to keep everyone happy and on the same page.

Let’s discuss how it works for each side:


For HR Managers & Business Executive Management

##For HR Managers (Business Owners and Executives)
First of all, if you are not using an HR system yet and you have staff – even other business partners- you need to get one! It keeps the team on the same page and everyone warm and fuzzy inside.

Let’s go into it, step by step:

Signup For A Company Account (Create a New Manager Admin Account)
To get started with the Regarding Work HR system, create an account – we have various pricing levels and a free account option that should work for many up and coming startups.

This email will be used for the company (HR) admin, so keep it on hand.

Create Departments And Roles
Now, HR is all about people! Before you start to add employees, setting up the right organization structure will help you fill in the gaps the right way.

Invite Employees
Now to start to fill in the people. Add as much information as you can for the employee and they can later fill in the gaps. Get them into their department and job role so that everyone is on the same page.

Issue Payroll Slips
The employee’s bank payment information will be in this portal, and now you can make the payment as well. Send a receipt for your payment to the staff and everyone knows when payroll was made and what the status is.

Create Leave Policies and Holidays
How many days off will you be giving per year? How many sick days? Also what calendar is your company following? Very important questions that your team will be wondering and is best to be laid out in black and white (or in this HR management system)

Approve Leave Requests and Expense Claims
Now your staff can have an easy portal to submit their request for holiday. You can also see what kinds of expenses they have and approve or reject all in one place.

Recruit New Talent From Your Pool Of Staff
Now here is a hidden gem, ask your current staff to refer their friends and network to apply to work for you. Or let them try to apply to switch to different job roles in your company.


For Employees, Freelancers, & Contractors

No more awkward conversations with your boss about what the company policy is for vacation, sick days, and holidays. It will all be here in your company’s Regarding Work HR management system.

Ask for Leave
With an online leave request system you can know where you stand with holidays, vacation, and sick leave.

View Payroll Receipts
Confirm the amount you were paid and the status of it. Download a PDF receipt for your personal records.

See Job Openings
What jobs is the company hiring for? Enjoy working here, why not invite a friend too!


Signup Your Company For Regarding Work Today!

We hope you enjoy the workflow for using the Regarding Work HR management system and look forward to helping your company have a smooth and interactive HR workflow.

HR is all about people, and a company is all about having good people. Focusing on good HR policies will help propel your company into new levels of success. Cheers to that!


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