HR Management User Guide

HR – Human Resources – Needs Your Proper Attention!

So many businesses when scaling and growing up glaze over the HR department. It is something that many entrepreneurs and business owners feel just kind of works itself out as you go.

But those who see real success in their business know that you need to take proactive action to get it rolling.

That is where the Regarding Work HR solution comes into play.

How Does The Regarding Work HR System Work?

Simple – your HR management department will love you for this solution. It allows human resources people one simple online portal that helps them to:

* Start and Manage Employee Awards – Staff of the month / week / etc. As business owners we always say this is “cool” and something we should do – but now we have a system for it – with Regarding Work’s HR solution!

* Requesting Vacation / Time Off – How are you currently dealing with leave request forms? Many business owners we talk to use a Google form that forwards to their HR manager and then is placed into a Google calendar. Talk about a headache! Here we have a nice and easy one stop solution for you to tell your staff to go to request their time off.

* Filing Expense Claims / Reports – do you have team members traveling for business? Do they need to keep track of their receipts and request company reimbursement? This is a great way to put that all under one simple roof.

* Download Payroll Slip – Let your team view their pay records, download them, and keep everything organized under one roof.

Now we will outline user guides for each of these:

Maintaining / Updating Employee Data

But Can’t My CRM Do All of This?

Many of us have a CRM solution in place. Yes, it does have staff accounts and time sheets abilities (at least many do) – but HR managers need their own portal and their own dedicated tools.

It is such a huge department, and an important one at that, that you need to have a dedicated and custom solution.

Some other amazing features that are hard to find in an all inclusive CRM system would be:

Employee referrals – most successful companies get their best recruits from their current staff referring staff to them. This is the ultimate, as finding and retaining key staff is true value. The Regarding Work HR system has you covered here! With a great way to allow your current staff to recommend their friends for new job openings, you can leverage your team to help you find the “diamond in the rough” for your next staff position.

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