Morning Routine Notebook

Using Your Regarding Work Morning Routine Notebook
Start your day right!

Want to have some silent time in your mornings? Where you can meditate, pray, or just take a walk on your own. This simple and affordable little blank notebook is your answer.

Morning routine notebook

Here is how it works:

Each page is meant for one new day. Fill it up, write on the margins, get it jam packed each day – but try to start the next day fresh with a blank new page.

Put the day of the week and the date at the top.

Things I am appreciative for – now- write out WHO and WHAT you are appreciative for. This can be a friend, family member, a rock, a cool piece of art you saw the day before. Try to make it unique and different each day. Focus on thinking about that person or thing and really wish it the best.

Top goals for today. Now, what will make today great? What will help you stand out from the rest and become super.

Next is the Day’s notes – this is simply blank lines for you to write your ideas and notes during your work time or free time. Or maybe you want to write even more during your morning “me” time. We want to give you that SPACE to use this morning routine notebook how you see fit.

Then end that day:
Did I accomplish my goals? In the evening, get back to your Morning Routine notebook (maybe call it evening routine) and see if you actually accomplished your goals set out. Well, did you? If you did – pat on the back! But if you didn’t – why? Reflect on that. No excuses.

Prepare for the next morning, rinse, and repeat. Achieve greatness.

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