Processing Payroll

This is why your team is working for you, right?

Well – we hope they are working for you more than just the salary!

But – it is probably a top 2 or 3 reasons why they are working in the first place.

Today we will go through the process of filing payroll for your company.

Video Demo Processing Payroll

Doing payroll is a bit technical and multiple step process – so we made a step by step tutorial video for you here, enjoy!

Currently System Built For Monthly Payroll

As of now our current Regarding Work HR management system processes pay slips on a monthly basis. In many of our businesses we currently are paying out two times a month.

The workaround if you are paying more than once a month is to have a deduction on the middle of the month for the remaining balance in the end of the month.

And then on the second payment of the month, remove that deduction to have the total amount paid for that month.

HR Admin Creates The Pay Slip

The admin of the HR department is the person who is creating the payroll. The staff can submit the amount they are expecting to him/her – but it is up to the HR department to submit the amount in the system.

Add Base Pay, hourly Pay, Bonuses, Deductions

When entering the system, you can manually enter the information.

It also takes into account the amount of hours logged by the employee over the time period, to help ensure you are paying what hours they are working.

But this is optional and we want to give you the full control of how much you pay your team. We try our best to make it so you can see data points and references.

The Employee Can View and Download Their Pay Slip

Once the admin has created the payroll, the employee will get an email notification that the payroll has been generated. They can then login to their Regarding Work HR management system and view it as well as download it for their records.

Download Payroll Reports

You can also download the payroll reports and send this to the accounting department to make the payments.

You may also want to make sure the team member has accepted it and there is no mistakes or challenges. This is about having everyone clear and on the same page.

Transparency Is Key – Make Payroll Fun!

Let us work together to make the system smooth as we grow our businesses. Payroll is essential as, that is why people need to work in the first place, right!?

Try RegardingWork HR management today!

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