The Regarding Work System

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The Regarding Work System is the system we have used for years and developed with integrations and tweaks of 3 main technologies and a whole lot customization.

In this video - it is an extensive overview of each of the 3 softwares to show you the true power of how to run the organization from HR to tasks to the employee handbook and SOPs.

The Regarding Work software is 3 types:


This is the system we use to add new team members to track the contracts, the time off, daily clock in/ clock out (optional), expense reports, and company wide email notices.


This is the “core” work system, similar to an Asana or This is where we create projects and tasks. It also includes ability to invoice clients and allow clients to login and see the status of projects. This is where we track hours on a per task basis.


This is the company handbook (aka “bible”). It includes the team index, the org chart, vision and mission, and - of course - SOPs (standard operating procedures). It also has the ability to track time with multiple clock in / clock out per day, on a department level.

The RW softwares

These 3 softwares have helped our team, as well as others.

Currently, these are 3 different systems with 3 different logins. We are developing a SSO (single server login) so that  you can use 1 username and password for all 3 systems, but for now it will be 3 usernames and passwords for each software.

We truly believe the entire company can be run on this - minus the bookkeeping. For bookkeeping, we use Quickbooks, but there is no API / auto connection from these systems to that accounting software. We enter the payroll in as twice per month accounting entries and put in the invoices manually to the accounting software. While this isn’t ideal, we do believe on the majority of business use cases there isn’t a high volume of data that needs to be put into the accounting software from the task management software (unless you want to get very granular in your bookkeeping system).

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