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We all know how things go – we get excited for a new person to join, add their details to our HR system and then go back to work. You can read our previous guide about building an employee database here.

But an HR system is only as good as the freshness of the data inside.

Today we will discuss what are some important parts of data that you should keep up to date and also ones that if you missed when creating the staff account – that you should go back and update now!

Video Updating HR Data

Prefer watching this as a video? We made one just for people like you 😉 Enjoy!

Note – The HR Manager Updates The Data – Not The Staff

One key point to mention here, for the Regarding Work HR management system, we do not allow the employee to update their data.


Because if both the HR admin and the employee can edit the info – then there can be conflict. Maybe something will be updated and the HR admin didn’t even know (such as bank details) and then they may make a payment to the old bank.

It is about control – and awareness. So if the employee wants to update their data in the system, they need to manually request it from the HR department.

Important HR Data To Keep Up To Date

Yes we think this is important. If you are a company that wants to build a healthy and happy culture for your team, then tracking and recognizing employee birthdays is an important one. It is also fun for others on the team to celebrate a birthday – even if your team is spread out across the world. You can have a Slack channel or simply use a random channel to discuss birthdays and keep everyone happy and motivated.

Job Role and Department
We believe that you should always be nurturing and growing your staff. They may get bored or simply master a job they are in. You need to review their performance, see how happy they are in their current work, and move them if necessary.

Plenty of HR and management books are out there talking about making sure the right people are in the right SEAT.

So as their career in your company progresses, you should make sure they are challenged and growing. And when you do move their position, promote them, you need to also update it in the Regarding Work HR management system – so both sides know their job has changed.

Up To Date Salary and Compensation
Also as you move them to different roles in the company, you should also make sure you are keeping their compensation package up to date. This way there is no misunderstanding later. It is also important to keep it update for your finance team, investors, and others who want to know what your payroll numbers are.

Bank Details
Using the HR system as your portal for payroll is extremely helpful. The staff can login to the system and check that their bank details is up to date and request changes if needed.

I will admit it – I paid to an old bank account for a staff once. She sent a message to my HR manager, who did update it in our google spreadsheet. But she thought I was checking the spreadsheet each time I made payroll payments. Opps. I didn’t.

Now, with this Regarding Work HR system – it is all clear and transparent. The staff, the HR manager, and the finance department all can confirm the most up to date bank information for each staff member.

Profile Photo
A last one, but one I think is worth some time. You may be working remote and don’t have a professional camera to take a photo of each staff on their first day. So you need to ask your team member to send you a square image in fairly high resolution (we suggest at least 500 x 500 pixels) to upload to their profile.

It just makes the system look more real – and also add the HUMAN part to Human Resources.

Clear Data = Keep Your Team Happy

Now, we want to make sure the team is happy and satisfied with their work. Using an HR management system (we hope you consider our Regarding Work HR system) will help keep the team motivated and on track to perform and do their work.

Keep Your HR Data Updated with Regarding Work

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