The Regarding Work Transformation Project

My buddy James needs help. He is a successful business owner, but not satisfied with how his work habits and productivity is going. After hearing about my daily routine and work habits, he asked to have my coach him and see how we can improve his productivity.

So – why not put this blog to use and share the progress as we go along.

Regular Updates on His Progress

As we begin each session, I will make this blog post a sort of recording keeping and journal entry for that meeting. We will document his starting point, and measure the results.

How will we measure? Sure this isn’t as direct as measuring sales or traffic to a website – but we will set milestones and agree on a format to measure increases in productivity.

Of course a bit of it will be honor system, but like anything in life – what’s the point if you are really trying to improve a skill and your life in general.

Some of the milestones I have in mind:

* Morning wake up time
* Exercise regiment
* Diet, skipping the high sugar intake
* Work sets – “pomodoros” as they are famously called. How many he can do in a day/week/month

The last point there, work set, will be a good way to see the overall productivity. But to get there, those previous 3 points will help – having a good format for waking up, exercising, and eating healthy will help anyone improve their productivity.

Sounds Interesting? Follow Along!

So I hope you’re as excited as I am to follow this journey. I hope he is interested in doing video updates – that will be a lot of fun and more interactive.

James, let’s make you a lean, mean, productivity machine! Thanks for accepting this challenge.

And I hope the rest of you enjoy, as well as get some benefit by following along on this journey.

Let’s see where it takes us, and this blog!

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